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The Atlas Podcast gives you a weekly look into industry news, technology updates and riveting interviews. Join Martin and Alex weekly and keep up to date on tech.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Electric commuter flights, Prof. Chris Dungey, and Cyber Security

    This week we chat to Prof. Chris Dungey about his fascinating career, the world of advanced welding, additive manufacturing, innovation and much more! We get into security with our colleague Armand Lemmens. Is cyber-security and security as a whole all about elite hackers in dark rooms and sinister nation ...


  2. Prof. Steve Furber, Non Fungible Tokens, and Product Lifecycle Management

    This week on the Atlas Podcast, we were joined by Steve Furber, Professor at the University of Manchester and principle designer behind the BBC Micro and the first ARM Chip. We discuss his ...


  3. Meeting Martine Melis, PLM News, and the Internet of Things

    This week on the Atlas Podcast we chat with Martine Melis who has joined the ATS Global family as Chief Commercial Officer. We talk about what led her here and what she's looking forward to in the role. We also have a chat about various product lifecycle management (PLM) bits that ...


  4. ARIA, Barry Maybank of the MTC, and Micro/Nano Services

    This week on the Atlas Podcast we discuss the new Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA). We also dive into how various innovation funders around the world function, why they're there and what their goals are. We chat with Barry Maybank, CDO of the MTC, about what role the ...


  5. How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, A Chat with Gavin Starks, & More

    This week on the Atlas Podcast we're joined by Gavin Starks, CEO of Icebreaker One and Dgen, discussing the challenges faced in working towards a net-zero carbon future, his fascinating career up to this point and what his views are for the future of data, ...