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The Atlas Podcast gives you a weekly look into industry news, technology updates and riveting interviews. Join Martin and Alex weekly and keep up to date on tech.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Lithium Mining, Sophia Matveeva, and Document Orientated Databases

    This week we look at one of the major unexpected consequences of a move towards a net zero carbon future, mining for lithium. Battery technology, for the time being, involves rare and potentially hazardous materials which pose tricky questions when obtaining. We have a fascinating chat with Sophia Matveeva ...


  2. SMRs, Usman Haque, and Smart Cities

    This week we get back into small modular reactors (SMRs). There's news from Rolls Royce on redesigns and what they bring. We also look at how the technology is being exported around the world. Then we have a fascinating chat with Usman Haque. We discuss his journey from art ...


  3. Mars Rovers, Jasper Wildeboer, and SCADA, HMI and IIoT

    This week we talk about Mars and Mars rovers! The Chinese rover Zhurong makes its first "steps" onto the red planet. We also revisit NASA's Perseverance Rover, along with the first powered flights on Mars by Ingenuity, a drone that arrived with Perseverance. We get into it with ...


  4. Carbon capture, Lucy Knight, Open Data and Kafka

    This week we talk about carbon capture and where we might be thinking about it wrong. We take a look at an article by Wired that poses the idea that we've got carbon capture all wrong. We have a wonderful chat with Lucy Knight. We talk about her history in ...


  5. The Met Office, Supercomputers and Steve Szamocki

    On this week’s podcast, we talk about the Met Office’s newly announced supercomputer. The project is funded by the British government, in partnership with Microsoft, and we delve into what the goals might be and the upshots of a project like this. We also take a ...