Brett King, The Scientific Method, and Engineering Trust

Episode 12 November 11, 2022 01:00:35
Brett King, The Scientific Method, and Engineering Trust
The Atlas Podcast
Brett King, The Scientific Method, and Engineering Trust

Nov 11 2022 | 01:00:35


Show Notes

On this episode of the Atlas Podcast we get into the scientific method off the back of an interview Martin spotted recently. We discuss how modern approaches have worked into the development of COVID-19 treatments.

Then we dig further into the Garnet Report we mentioned last episode. This time round we're looking at Engineering Trust, and getting into XaaS models.

Last but not least, we're joined by Brett King! Brett is a much celebrated futurist, speaker, and author. He's also the host of The Futurists and Breaking Banks, two podcasts we can thoroughly recommend subscribing to. Brett joined us to chat about his life and works, what's exciting him about the future, and what should be concerning us all in the world of politics, finance, and technology.

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