Carbon capture, Lucy Knight, Open Data and Kafka

Episode 24 May 18, 2021 00:53:58
Carbon capture, Lucy Knight, Open Data and Kafka
The Atlas Podcast
Carbon capture, Lucy Knight, Open Data and Kafka

May 18 2021 | 00:53:58


Show Notes

This week we talk about carbon capture and where we might be thinking about it wrong. We take a look at an article by Wired that poses the idea that we've got carbon capture all wrong.

We have a wonderful chat with Lucy Knight. We talk about her history in design and how she transitioned that into the data. Lucy illuminates us about her work with the ODI and the Data Place, as well as her thoughts on the wonderful world of data as a whole.

Finally, we have our first return guest on the podcast! Neal Clark, aka Mr Data, joins us to talk about Kafka and Kafka Streams. We get into why they're some of the most widely used technologies, the communities around them, and how we use them in our development.

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