Ella Podmore, James Webb Telescope, and IT/OT Convergence

Episode 4 June 17, 2022 00:55:15
Ella Podmore, James Webb Telescope, and IT/OT Convergence
The Atlas Podcast
Ella Podmore, James Webb Telescope, and IT/OT Convergence

Jun 17 2022 | 00:55:15


Show Notes

This week we're heading to space and checking out the latest info on the James Webb satellite. We discuss a small meteor strike to the satellite, as well as the incredible sharpness of images it's going to be producing and how it manages that.

We also get into IT/OT convergence, a topic close to our heart! Martin does his best to illuminate Alex and the listeners on a long thought about and contentious issue.

Finally, we're joined by Ella Podmore, IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year 2020, Materials and Fault Analysis Engineer at McLaren Automotive, and owner of a brand spanking new MBE!

Ella talks to us about her passion for engineering, how she worked her way into McLaren and lots of incredibly interesting science and technology topics.

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