Fusion Reactors, Aydin Nassehi, and more!

Episode 2 May 19, 2022 01:03:37
Fusion Reactors, Aydin Nassehi, and more!
The Atlas Podcast
Fusion Reactors, Aydin Nassehi, and more!

May 19 2022 | 01:03:37


Show Notes

This time on the Atlas Podcast we're talking about Martin's new mode of transport! He's ditched the car and taken up a new app-based means of getting around.

We also discuss First Light Fusion's novel approach to the biggest question in energy - is nuclear fusion finally viable?

And we chat with Aydin Nassehi. Aydin is Professor in Production Systems and Head of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bristol. He gives us a look into his work history, passions, and asks the question "how smart is smart manufacturing?"

Aydin's Paper on Anarcic Manufacutring  

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