How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, A Chat with Gavin Starks, & More

Episode 13 March 01, 2021 00:54:39
How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, A Chat with Gavin Starks, & More
The Atlas Podcast
How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, A Chat with Gavin Starks, & More

Mar 01 2021 | 00:54:39


Show Notes

This week on the Atlas Podcast we're joined by Gavin Starks, CEO of Icebreaker One and Dgen, discussing the challenges faced in working towards a net-zero carbon future, his fascinating career up to this point and what his views are for the future of data, the environment, and more.

We also take a look at Bill Gates' latest book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster. We give it a quick review and then pick out some of the most pressing concerns it raises, how engineering can both help cause and solve them, and what role technology plays in achieving a net-zero carbon world.

Finally, we take a look at an unsung hero of engineering. This week we discuss Frank Whittle, credited with the invention of the jet engine.

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