Kathy Cahalane, Bubble Barriers, and the Concept of Ownership

Episode 7 August 12, 2022 01:00:17
Kathy Cahalane, Bubble Barriers, and the Concept of Ownership
The Atlas Podcast
Kathy Cahalane, Bubble Barriers, and the Concept of Ownership

Aug 12 2022 | 01:00:17


Show Notes

Welcome back to the Atlas Podcast!

This time round we're talking about the Great Bubble Barrier, a great innovation that's helping clean Dutch rivers and canals of all sorts of plastics.

We also discuss the concept of ownership as it relates to digital transformation. Is it better to own your systems or 'rent' them? Martin talks us through some of the answers to that question!

Finally, we're joined by Kathy Cahalane, founder and CEO of BennitAI. Kathy talks us through a bit of her history and what's coming up down the road for Bennit!

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