Lina Huertas, Digital Shadows, and Electricity

Episode 5 July 04, 2022 00:56:44
Lina Huertas, Digital Shadows, and Electricity
The Atlas Podcast
Lina Huertas, Digital Shadows, and Electricity

Jul 04 2022 | 00:56:44


Show Notes

We're back with another episode of the Atlas Podcast!

This time we're chatting about digital twins, and their lesser talked about sibling, digital shadows. We discuss their origins, applications, and possible futures.

We also try and untangle some of the lesser known facts about electricity. Martin does his best to explain one of the most interesting conundrums in physics and Alex does his best to understand him.

Finally, we're joined by Lina Huertas, the first official return guest on the Atlas Podcast! We chat about her new role at Microsoft, what's new since we last spoke, and what's looking exciting in the future.

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