Mark Litjens, Dogger Bank, and Anarchic Manufacturing

Episode 3 June 06, 2022 00:57:02
Mark Litjens, Dogger Bank, and Anarchic Manufacturing
The Atlas Podcast
Mark Litjens, Dogger Bank, and Anarchic Manufacturing

Jun 06 2022 | 00:57:02


Show Notes

For this episode of the Atlas Podcast we kick things off by discovering the 'Lost Atlantis' of the North Sea' and how underwater archaeology relates to the proposed Dogger Bank wind farm.

And, continuing from last week's fascinating chat with Dr Aydin Nassehi, Martin does his best to educate us all on anarchic manufacturing.

Finally, we're joined by Mark Litjens, founder and business development specialist at Mark Global. In our interview with Mark we chat about his work history, what led him to starting his own business, and the opportunities and pitfalls that come with striking out on your own.

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