Michael McClellan, Digital Transformation, and Quantum Batteries

Episode 9 September 16, 2022 00:59:23
Michael McClellan, Digital Transformation, and Quantum Batteries
The Atlas Podcast
Michael McClellan, Digital Transformation, and Quantum Batteries

Sep 16 2022 | 00:59:23


Show Notes

On this episode of The Atlas Podcast, we try to decipher the world of quantum batteries. Martin and Alex dive into recent discoveries and attempt to unpick what's exciting and what's potential technobabble!

It's also part three of our investigation into Digital Transformation. This time we're looking at structure. In particular, we look at how businesses like Spotify have structured their companies to achieve agile development in new ways.

Finally, we're joined by Michael McClellan. We manage to get through at least some of Michael's lengthy and fascinating career, as well as his thoughts on the current state and future of manufacturing technology.

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