Stewart Noakes, NASA, and People in Digital Transformation

Episode 10 September 30, 2022 00:46:28
Stewart Noakes, NASA, and People in Digital Transformation
The Atlas Podcast
Stewart Noakes, NASA, and People in Digital Transformation

Sep 30 2022 | 00:46:28


Show Notes

This time round for the Atlas Podcast, we're discussing Web Summit 2022 coming up in Lisbon, Portugal next week. Looking at some of the speakers and a bit of the history of the event.

We also chat about NASA crashing a satellite into an asteroid as part of their DART Mission. On top of that we have a peek at some of the imagery that's already filtered back from the mission, using some old and some new technology.

Finally, we're joined by Stewart Noakes. Stewart is an entrepreneur, a speaker, a lecturer, and founder of many successful (and a couple of less than successful) ventures. He gives us a look into his world and what's exciting him about tech right now and in the future.

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