Vanessa Garcia, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Episode 19 April 12, 2021 00:47:55
Vanessa Garcia, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
The Atlas Podcast
Vanessa Garcia, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Apr 12 2021 | 00:47:55


Show Notes

On this week's episode we talk to Vanessa Garcia of Inductive Automation about her career, the journey of Inductive Automation over the years and what's coming in the future.

We also talk about machine learning and artificial intelligence. First off we discuss how the former can be confused with the latter. With the terms AI and machine learning being used more and more these days, it's important to know where they overlap and what the distinction is.

We end with a deeper discussion on the world of AI. For this we follow the first few steps of the 7 stages of artificial intelligence, focusing on where we were and where we've got to.

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