Lithium Mining, Sophia Matveeva, and Document Orientated Databases

Episode 27 June 15, 2021 00:50:33
Lithium Mining, Sophia Matveeva, and Document Orientated Databases
The Atlas Podcast
Lithium Mining, Sophia Matveeva, and Document Orientated Databases

Show Notes

This week we look at one of the major unexpected consequences of a move towards a net zero carbon future, mining for lithium. Battery technology, for the time being, involves rare and potentially hazardous materials which pose tricky questions when obtaining.

We have a fascinating chat with Sophia Matveeva of Tech for Non-Techies! Sophia talks us through her journey from outside of the world of tech to guiding non-techies in. We discuss the blockers between business and tech and how we can all aim for a better way of communicating.

As soon as you get the chance, be sure to check out the Tech for Non-Techies podcast!

Finally, we take a look at document orientated databases. We discuss what they are, what they're used for, how they differ from SQL and other contemporaries and how we use them at Atlas.


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