Richard Foggie, 5G Networking and A New Electric Speed Record

Episode 1 May 06, 2022 00:56:45
Richard Foggie, 5G Networking and A New Electric Speed Record
The Atlas Podcast
Richard Foggie, 5G Networking and A New Electric Speed Record

Show Notes

We're back! On this, the first episode of the second season of the Atlas Podcast, we're talking about Rolls Royce's new all electric speed record.

Then we're talking the history of 5G and communications technology in general. From Alexander Graham Bell through to the smart phone in your pocket.

Finally, we're chatting with Richard Foggie. Foggie is a key player in the UK5G Innovation Network among many other things. He talks us through his storied history and what's exciting him right now in the world of technology; communication-wise and in the tech world at large.

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