SMRs, Usman Haque, and Smart Cities

Episode 26 June 01, 2021 00:49:07
SMRs, Usman Haque, and Smart Cities
The Atlas Podcast
SMRs, Usman Haque, and Smart Cities

Show Notes

This week we get back into small modular reactors (SMRs). There's news from Rolls Royce on redesigns and what they bring. We also look at how the technology is being exported around the world.

Then we have a fascinating chat with Usman Haque. We discuss his journey from art and design into architecture into combining these passions with some really interesting tech. We focus on the projects Umbrellium have worked on but also touch on Thingful as well.

Carrying on from our interview, we chat about smart cities in our tech spot. We discuss the tech that can be used, how it could help towards a zero carbon future and what incentives big businesses have to get involved in creating truly smart cities.

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